Silver Linings.

It’s about to get real on here y’all. My head is spinning and my heart is breaking from the sickening news of the mass shooting from this morning. HATE. It’s such a strong word….what plants itself so deep into someone that all that grows is HATE. That a person/group can hate another person/group so much that they’d want to cause physical harm to them. We all get mad..we all threaten things out of sheer frustration and then we nonchalantly laugh it off and get over it..and if we don’t get over it, we move on. Holding onto anger and hatred is a dangerous thing. But when you want to kill dozens of people just because they believe, love, or live differently than you? I can’t grasp it. We are all capable of love and nurturing. Where do we go wrong? The only positive out of this situation is seeing people unite and put aside personal differences and beliefs for one day on behalf of innocent lives lost. ¬†That’s the silver lining, the little sliver of hope sparkling along the edge of the cloud. This is switching subjects a little, but I was looking back on my Facebook memories and 6 years ago today was when I had hit rock bottom. I was in ICU at the hospital for trying to take my own life with a half bottle of prescription medicine. That truth is REAL. I thought that I was in such a bad place and was so deeply depressed that the thought of living scared me more than the dying. Looking back 6 years later amidst all this tragedy, I’m so thankful to be alive. I’m glad I got help and that I wasn’t ashamed to. I’m a new person today and having been that low before and seen better days, that’s my own personal silver lining. Everyone deserves the chance to live a happy life full of love and freedom, but those people at the club….that young talented singer…they will never get the chance. I pray they had full lives while they were here with us. We all need to find the silver linings in our life right now and emit love to others and those closest to us. Be thankful for what we have and live life to our fullest capabilities. Life is hard, but it can be wonderful too. I hope that we can all pull together and eliminate hate and just have peace. -K

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  1. I feel very similar to you (about the shooting & how anger spawns hatred). I’ve never understood why people take the right of taking another’s life upon themselves?

    I’m sorry that today marks a terrible “anniversary”, but beautiful things are grown from the ashes of tragedy. I’m glad that you’ve been able to find strength and peace. Namaste. <3

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words in your comment! I appreciate them.

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