So do I..


She smiles. So do I. She laughs. So do I. She jokes around. So do I.

She stays up late. So do I. She drinks. So do I. She loves helping people. So do I. She tries to avoid food. So do I. She cuts. So do I. She throws up her food. So do I. She doesn’t think she’s beautiful. So do I. She cuts. So do I. She pretends to be cold. So do I. She has a secret account. So do I. She writes down her feelings. So do I. She has many secrets. So do I. She hates her appearance. So do I.


She wants to die.


So do I.

One thought on “So do I..”

  1. Ive read your posts, and well your thoughts are no different to mine. I’m not hear to tell you that everything will be okay because it wont. I have felt like this for last 3 years and nothing has changed. That doesn’t mean you should feel alone though. There is many people like us who would rather be dead but talking about it will help you move on. The only reason I’m not dead yet is because its selfish to commit suicide. It doesn’t stop me from thinking about it though every minute of the day. I don’t really know why I’m telling you this but I want you to know im hear if you need someone to chat to x

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