the sad truth

What do we do when the world we call home is doomed to heIl? What do we do? We should not have to fear whenever we enter a building! So, tell me what do we do? I say we take a stand! Stop sitting in constant fear of death! Stop cowering in the corner praying to a god that has yet not answered your prayers! I mean I understand, sometimes praying helps a person, but please it will not help if there is a gun pointed to your forehead.

I know what people will think, oh it’s just a teenage girl who is just writing this for the attention. You are sadly mistaken, I am a teenage girl who does not wish to die by the hands of an evil man. I, too, am in fear every single day. But when I wake up in the morning I am blessed, I have my family and friends all alive… but some people do not have that gift. You should not say “it’s okay, just do not think about it” NO. You should think about it, be prepared for anything that happens in the future, because at the end of the day you do not know if there will be a tomorrow. Be happy for your loved ones… I hope that one day someone will read this and feel the need to rise up and take a stand.

One thought on “the sad truth”

  1. I am sorry….I don’t really understand… you live in a dangerous neighborhood, or in an apartment with drug dealers? There’s a reason for your fear, whatever that reason is. Can you and your family move? To a safer place? Meanwhile, always pray. God still does miracles. And He loves you, He cares. Blessings…..Grace.

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