This is a selfish thing to do-  but I’m overly upset right now and I need to do it. 

Reasons why I actually can’t stand this one person named Manny that I know. 

1. He’s extremely cringe-worthy. 

2. He’s so prideful and constantly seeks attention. 

3. He won’t rest until he makes me look stupid. Even if the argument is dumb as hell- he wants to seem smarter. So he twists my words and he rewords things to make me look stupid. Example: Me- “I really don’t like that song. I don’t get it.” Manny- “Its philosophy. You wouldn’t understand.” *TRANSLATION:* ‘I think I’m smarter than you. So I’m going to make it seem like you’re a simple minded bitch in order to make myself look better because I’m extremely insecure about myself.’ 

4. He guilt trips people. He had a crush on me at one point. I never liked him (because ew) and I have Jack. So he finds out that I don’t like him- and he fucking guilt trips me. Saying things like “I don’t know why I ever liked you” and “No one will ever love me” and bullshit. He’s also done this to my best friend. So this is not okay. 

5. He has the nerve to mess with my boyfriend. Manny was giving him crap about an issue involving Manny’s parents (that has literally nothing to do with Jack..). Saying it was HIS FAULT. It made me so mad…

6. He’s so dramatic. And stubborn. And just- I could honestly go on forever. I feel kind of bad that I can’t stand him. But he pisses me off and is constantly on my bad side. I’m gonna try praying for him. Because boy does he need it. 

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