Alright, so today was like every other day. I didnt sleep good so I was tired and my bike tire popped so I couldn’t ride it to school, I spent all morning looking for an air pump but I didn’t find one ._. there was only 10 minutes left until the bell rang so i drove the car instead, that was cool. I remember I used to be so scared to drive but now I’m used to it and its supper fun cx. School was the the usual, since I’m an upper class man my teacher said I should help the freshmen adapt to the new environment, I also had a great time with my girlfriend i love her so much <3 I’m write every night here..i don’t even know if anyone will read this and I don’t care,

I will tell my story.

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  1. Hey Jesus14.
     ^ω^) can’t wait to read your story and learn more about you and your girlfriend >ω> (lowkey me)

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