A new day, a new mood

Yesterday I was really upset over Toothless. So I was in a mood because of that. On top of it, yesterday was one hella a day to be an empath. So much agony and hurt. The air was charged with sorrow. No matter how hard I grounded & shielded myself, the feeling was pervasive.

Saturday night / early Sunday morning a gunman went into Pulse, a “gay” club in Orlando. He took hostages and shot at people. By day break 50 people lost their lives, 53 more are injured. The news reports that this is the largest mass shooting in United States history. The shooter pledged his allegiance to I.S.I.S. (or daesh as I prefer to say). Today the news is full of accounts about the horrific event. In true goddess style I’ve been reading both main stream news as well as my favorite alternative sources (cough conspiracy theory cough).

Already it’s been thought of to be a false flag. I’m on the look out to see if the usual crisis actors are at the scene. Googling for photos of the massacre I’ve already noticed a lack of blood and bodies, although witnesses state there were bodies and blood everywhere. Maybe the news is trying to be respectful of the deceased? Another thing that causes my eyebrows to rise is the club posted on Facebook “Everybody run / Get out of the club”. Are we that glued to our phones that even during a life and death situation while fighting for survival we check our Facebook statuses? Also the police advised people to stop calling 911 and communicate via Twitter. These are just interesting points. I’m not saying this was a staged event. Please don’t think I am making light of this horrendous disaster. When any mass shooting goes down now people speculate false flags. Why a false flag? It would seem gun laws are always a huge bullet point on the agenda before a massive election. It’s just in this day in age, I hope you realize most of our media is highly controlled. North Korea admits to monitoring what their citizens have access to seeing, facts about the world, and so on. This type of behavior goes on in the USA too – only our government hopes we don’t notice it.

Any angle you look at it though, the situation screams the need for us as a society to learn tolerance and acceptance. 

Changing the subject back to kitty cuteness

This morning I brought Toothless to the vet to get her claws looked at and to have her Fentanyl patch changed. No big wait today. I did happen to over hear that they were putting a dog to sleep that had been hit by a car 2 days ago. Breaks my heart. Terribly.

Now her paws are sore, but I’m happy that they clipped her claws and removed the imbedded piece from her pads. It’s a good thing she’s already on pain medicine. My vet is so awesome that not only did she change the patch and help Toothy’s paws – but she didn’t charge me for today’s visit.

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