I’m mad at myself. I do so much for other people, I give so much, and they never do anything for me. I get nothing in return. I’m not asking for anything too big or anything ridiculous. I just want to be loved properly. I want someone to be afraid of loosing me. I want someone to just show me how much I mean to them. For once, I’d LOVE to be appreciated. I don’t know why I love these people so much. I don’t know why I put these people on pedistools when I’m just second choice for them. I’m just an option. I let them treat me like this though. It’s my fault I never speak up for myself. I should speak up for myself.

One thought on “Abused”

  1. You can definitely speak up for yourself without being abusing in return. Think if you were a mother and someone was unkind to your child or ignored her . Take care of yourself with love, because you are the child. The child is within you, your own soul. Be very kind to yourself and affirming, and don’t worry too much about outsiders. Good luck, dear.

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