Day 107

Sunday, June 12th

Today was relaxing. Better than my very bored self from yesterday.

I went to church and it was the children doing the service, except for the pastor who still had a message at the end about our generation having a different view of the world then theirs. I also signed a card for my Youth leader’s depart. This Youth Friday will be her last. After Sunday, I won’t see her. I’m gonna miss her so much…

I did a little of studying for math. I understand better the one I couldn’t get right, but I still need some practice. It involves by heart steps. You need to know which 3 steps you have to do for a few triangles according to their name and what to do depending on the shape. That’s what I keep forgetting.

I watched some more Steven Universe and a let’s play of Minecraft Story Mode. The story could be better, but meh. Gives me something to watch. Just watching one thing for me gets boring eventually too, so I needed to change from two different videos.

That’s all for today.

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