Entry #3

Dear Journal,

I actually kinda lowkey was looking forward to writing in you. So today was a pretty good day. I actually made it on time to class today, but when i got there it was super quiet ._. We were doing our daily warm up and my tummy did the loudest growl lol, i couldnt stop laughing. Class was class so merh. But i got to see my significant other during my break so that was great. Then class was class lol. After school, i left pretty quickly my other came over to visit me. He stood for about twenty minutes then left. It wasnt long, but it was still great. My dad and his girlfriend are good so thats good too. Lets seee…… My mood today was pretty great :3 I did think quite a lot today, usually about the LGBT+ community and my labels i currently use. I couldn’t quite get that tragic event that happened the other day. I think it was in orlando or something…. It makes me kinda sad. In the world today, women are terrified to walk down their own street at night without the thought of something happening. People afraid to sometimes express or be proud of their religion without being called terrorists or “being part of isis” or whatever. And now, people in the lgbt+ community wont be able to be themselves without fear of being judged, and now killed. Theres many more examples, but those are the ones that came to mind. But yeah… This planet is a sad place :/ And theres not much i could do, and its only going to get worse… Welp (´・_・`) thats pretty much it ig. Goodnight❤

Sweet dreams,


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