Why socialization is bullshit

As a 16 year-old chick, I have the right to state why socialization is absolute garbage for me, and how I’d rather pluck out my eyebrows than talk to others. There are times when socializing is successful, and I feel rather satisfied that I made someone smile. But then there’s the fuck-ups that ruin any satisfaction immediately. And make me think, “why the fuck do I even bother walking out the door?” And trust me, this happens much more often. I often see my grandma smiling and casually making conversation with others, with them usually responding in a friendly, cheery manner. I then try to further the conversation in her image, only to have them give me the cold shoulder, not responding or smiling awkwardly. I seriously feel the urge to scream “fuck you” to the next person that gives me this exchange. I’m trying my best here, stop giving me shit, world. 

One thought on “Why socialization is bullshit”

  1. With the little information that you provide, that seems like all the information that you poses, I can offer no analysis or advice, but only the comfort that no matter how nervous you feel or even however award you might actually be, others could easily show just a little more kindness and interest, if indeed they are truly so much more mature and with it as they seem to think that they are. So, best of luck in seeking out better conversation partners, so much easier said than done of course. But isn’t it so much nicer to interact with anyone who even has any use for you?

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