Crabby girl today.

1.He contacted me. Just a “hi how are you”. But I’m better off when he doesn’t.  Of course I couldn’t help but answer with a “good and how are you” “nice to hear from you”. He responded, leaving the ball in my court to take and run with….. let it go mama…. just let it go…drop that ball and run…

2.Haven’t had a period in 43 days. Had a week of hot flashes at the beginning of May. I’m so peri-menopausal. Just another stage of life to navigate. I joked when our daughter came along when I was 40 years old – I said she’d be going thru puberty and I’d be going thru menopause at the same time.  And I was right.  Along with her hormonal changes and body development, my girl is now interested in a boy who in turn appears to be interested in her. It’s so adorable and frightening at the same time. I am so thankful that she talks to me.

3.We have special ed meetings for S. H is still dragging his heels and not being completely supportive. H sees the definition of “disabled” that is on the school’s webpage and he thinks of a wheelchair bound child who is drooling on him/herself. He can’t seem to see that S has a disability. S can’t learn the cookie cutter way that our state wants him to. That’s a disability.

One thought on “71”

  1. Goodness me my friend…as I remember menopause actually dragged on forever! But you will manage I know you will.. I all I remember now is that I had my very last period one month before my 53rd birthday…and I was glad.
    Prayers and happy thoughts for you and the daughter! Never raised a girl. I have a granddaughter who will be 12 in August…whom I adore but wow, seeing this changes is so exciting and so frightening! I wish we could bubble wrap them! Hugs.

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