0 days clean.


Right now I’m panicking if you find out. My skin is still screaming for me to cut more but I can’t now.

What if you come in and check my hips? You’ll think I’m a disgrace because it would be the 4th time you found out.

But you don’t understand.

Do you even know how much I hate myself to bring a blade to my skin?

No, you don’t. You don’t even care.s


But honestly I’m just done. Done with everything. Done with life. I want to die, I have it all planned out, I just need to re write the letters.

Death will soon collect me.

3 thoughts on “Death”

  1. I know this feeling oh so well.I was in that place about 10 years ago. But my dear would you believe if I say it all just went away without me even realizing? I was in so much pain I was cutting everyday (my wrists, for the whole world to see) I barely spoke for weeks I stopped eating I stopped leaving the house. But hey! I didn’t take my own life. Right, yes, I was a coward but I’m so grateful that I pulled through all that pain and got to where I am now. Maybe you can too? You may wake up happy someday. I hope you will. 🙂

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