Entry #4

Dear Journal,

Today was pretty good ig. Welp, half and half. I finished the drawing i was working in, well its still naked but merh cx. I did a presentation in my class and totally bombed it .-. Well, its just one presentation tho, Right? And it was also mine and my significant other’s anniversary. Six months with him c: He came over and we had a lil celebration, happy that we’ve been together for quite a while cx it was great. After he left i just chilled and ate .-. After i went to mt dad’s gfs. I helped clean up a bit which is bs -.- cuz i dont live there lol. And my dad called me over to do something and yelled at me for bringing my phone .-. Lyke “wen ur dad calls and attacks u for no reason” lol. I also watched E3 earlier, i tuned in exactly at the KH trailers and i fangirled so hard, haha. But yeahh. I had a pretty good day c:



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