How I Met Your Father – And how I lied to (you) myself.

Kids, remember a few months ago I said I would keep telling you my stories, and then didn’t?… Well, what happened was that I got back with my ex. 
I had never got back with someone I’ve been with, or someone who had hurt me.. This was a first to me, and most likely, a last 
I do nor regret getting back together with him, it was more like I gave myself a chance to realize things would never work out with him, than me giving him another chance.  
Spoiler alert, he dumped me for the 4th time, yep… 4th.  
Kids, this is just a prologue… I will go into details when I’m ready to tell the long detailed story. 
I’m gonna quote MCR here and say “I hate the ending myselfbut it started with an alright scene“. 
I promise it’s a really good story, filled with mistakes I made for which I hope you learn from. He, was definitely not, my yellow umbrella.

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