With the recent tragedy in the Gay Community, it’s hard to see any social media site without rainbows splashed all over it. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a lesbian…and the majority of my close Twitter followers have probably figured it out at some point, and to some it may be a surprise.  I’m writing this post because yes I have been showing my pride a lot the past 2 days…along with lots of others. Normally for me this is not the case. Am I ashamed? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’m very proud of who I am and don’t care to shout it from the highest mountain tops. It makes me who I am as a person and I love that part of me. But, that is NOT the only part of me. I don’t like labels. At all. That’s the only reason I don’t toot my rainbow horn on a daily basis because although that is a part of who I am, there is SO MUCH MORE TO ME. I am K. With curly red hair. I like animals and writing and pictures and music and movies. I’m just Me. A regular girl, a regular friend. Sometimes when people make comments about me being gay I forget for a second and am like “What? Oh yea. I am.” Because to me…I just love who I love. I fall in love with women. Deeply and passionately. It doesn’t feel weird, wrong, different, or like anything that should have to need equal rights. It should just be and just is. I don’t want any cynics to be thinking “oh sure, she hardly ever talks about gay pride but of course in the middle of a tragedy where everyone is talking about it she is”….on the contrary, I am showing my pride now because I am proud to be who I am and am heartbroken for the gay community. I’m showing my pride to show that evil and hatred can’t beat us down for good. It can try, but we’re here, we exist, and we matter. Every single one of us….from the quiet average looking girls and boys like me…all the way to the flamboyant, rainbow wearing, feather strutting ladies and gents! Our voices deserve to be heard. Pride is for all of us. 

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