Sour or Sweet

girl: hey im stoned

you: wanna come over? im in the mood


WTF happened to you! Literally a week ago you were all insecure and stuff about having one ball and now suddenly you want to go around sleeping with other girls!? Im glad you dumped my ass cause you’ve become just another disgusting guy!

Seriously what is it these days with guys going from sweet and innocent to being pigs! I was so in love with you and now you went and ruined that. You ruined my trust and my faith and now I pitty you because you’ve had to sink so deep. Why? Because you realized that you lost someone as strong and well adjusted as me.

Sure I have mental problems, but I handle them. Sure I can be irrational but im dealing with it. YOU on the other hand have so much disrespect for what goes on around you, and your just jealous because I don’t need you to be happy. You mean nothing to me anymore because I AM ME AND I AM BEAUTIFUL!


I love you Bean.

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