So here I am, in another person’s home like it’s an Air B&B.  But first I’ll recap the last few days. The hockey game was Amazing!  Not because the hockey game itself was fun but because it was good to see Gregory again.  The hockey game was alright but I just didn’t realize how slow the whole thing seems when they hardly score points throughout the entire game as opposed to basketball or something like that.  Either way, I had a good time and after the game we went to the downtown area and got dinner, and then we went to see The Conjuring 2.  So we did fit all 3 things into one night.  I didn’t get home until about 4am which is a good thing I didn’t end up trying to go to work cause I would have gotten absolutely zero sleep.  Oh and I also tried going out with my new friend but my parents got on my case about going out with all these different guys when I have a boyfriend.  Granted, Gregory will always have a special place in my heart no matter who I date, but it’s not like I’m trying to go out of my way and hangout with different dudes.  I’ve always had guy friends instead of girls.  That’s just how it is with me, and while it may look bad on paper, it’s just easier for me to talk/hangout with guys than it is girls.  So things have been super tense at home and I just needed to get out of there.  I had class last night and figured out that class got cancelled for tonight which is why I was able to stay with my boyfriend at the place he’s house sitting.  This place is crazy, it has 3 stories!  It’s got balconies and crazy spa showers with radios in them and even a house next door that I can explore.  It’s insane.  I’m just glad I have Wi-Fi.  So it’s a little weird being in someone else’s house when they’re not here…when no one is here in fact.  My boyfriend has to work today so I’m all alone in this house and I have no idea where anything is or even who the people that live here are.  I’ve never met them!  It feels like I broke in or something.  I’m not going to be nosy and snoop through their things or walk around naked or anything like that.  I’m paranoid there’s a nanny cam in here somewhere.  I probably just watch too many movies.  So yeah that’s my situation currently.  My first dui class wasn’t too bad actually.  My first real one I should say.  There were about 14 people in the class (not anywhere near how many people were in the first class I went to) and they were all dudes except me and one other girl.  I had to retell my stupid story and everyone seemed really respectful and the “instructor” was nice and he talked majority of the time.  I’m just glad it was nothing like the 1st experience I had.  Other than that, I’ve been getting invited out to so many different things but can’t do any of them since I can’t drive.  Rodney (friend from work) invited me to this beer fest but I have to work.  I went last year and it was pretty fun.  He offered to get the hotel, pick me up, and even see if someone was willing to buy my ticket.  I just can’t call in sick to work and my parents are up my ass now if I even mention I want to go anywhere.  They have to be there to drop me off or see with their own eyes that it’s my boyfriend who I’m hanging out with.  I’m surprised they even let me go out with Gregory.  The new guy I met has been really bugging me to hangout and he might have a little crush on me.  I actually thought he was gay when I first met him.  I just want to get away from my life for a bit.  I just want to go to the beach by myself and just not deal with anything for a little bit.  I guess I’m alone in this house it’s kind of like a vacation right?  Well, I’m off to try and kill the day…hopefully I don’t burn the house down or anything. 

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