Who are we….?

World is becoming more dangerous to live as we all beings lost our sense of being humanity to other lovely beings. I wish and pray for the betterment of the world. 

The main cause of chaos in this world is may be due to our own ego and ignorance. If we try to minimize our ego and identify who you are then i am sure that it will help in one way or other to reduce crime and wild act to sentient beings. It may be due to previous cause and effect that some are born rude and etc but all this can be made into good by contemplating oneness of all human beings. 

If i ask someone, who you are ? then definitely there will be multiple answers to it. But if we think deeply then we are no one rather its empty bin filled with full of self centered thoughts and all. In order to eliminate our selfishness we all should focus on emptiness and practice right path i.e. four noble truths to the benefit of entire sentient beings.

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