A Prisoner of Voices

A prisoner of voices
my prison
is every horizon
every sky at dawn
false in its serenity
all is not as real
there are voices in the breaking light
that steal away the stars
the moon and I
are now as one
full of dust, desolation
and oceans only imagined
I seek it out
at every hour
both of us
imprisoned in our orbits
circling in the darkness
the moon has shown me
where to be
a thousand voices
pierce like invisible arrows
I seek not to dream again
but of silent nights
beside solitude’s throne
to be alone here
within a prison cell
that is of everything
the prisoner seen
in every mirror
they speak of serpents
these muses of sharpened deceits
they are the very ground and air
now abandoned to the withering rose
that keeps its thorns
to pierce the mind

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