Victor Bregeda 1963 - Russian Surrealist painter - Tutt'Art@ (2)

A Thousand Echoes

A Thousand Echoes


A thousand echoes

falling from the chandeliers

the ice castle shatters

melted towers

reflect the golden crown of the Sun


a thousand islands drift by

upon the clouds

their solitudes beyond me


I am under siege

by a legion of vipers

they call the wind

their dominion of desolation


their fangs poison

the verses of the moon


here sonnets drown

in moats of heartache


I gaze upon twilights

horizons of nebula

from ramparts of stone

my castle remains

touching the sea that brings its waves and dreams


upon tides that are hypnotic

full of siren songs

that seek my demise


yet I only hear these echoes

beyond the veil of the wind

within the sound of the wind

the sound that is beyond all memory


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