Be you

Be you. You only have so much time living. You have to think about yourself and who you want to be, not how others expect you to be. 

I remember when I was 5, and how amazing growing up seemed. I’d be taken seriously, I could live on my own, not to mention I’d grow taller. But once year 14 pulled in, I saw how short life is, and how brutal it can be on growing folks like us. The media constantly shows what you should look like, trends happen all the time, and can make you feel like shit if you don’t follow them, and you get hundreds of raised eyebrows if you do anything out of the ordinary. This tampers our freedom, and our self-worth. Forget others, and for once, think about yourself for a whole day. Want you want in life, what your name means, and who you want to be remembered as.


Because we’ll all kick the bucket someday. And each day counts. 

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