Blah Blah Blahing

Not much has happened so far this week its been pretty depressing. Yesterday i got threatened by a gypsy at work, just what i need for just doing my job, thanks!

I got a fitbit its pretty cool but i think i went over the top today i went on the treadmill BEFORE work, i came home and i knew my feet were sore, took my sock off and blister city! like five! Goodness me.

Fun fact. I’m going to see The Stone Roses on sunday with my dad!
Also two birthdays this weekend! I’m not as young as i used to be im 25 now! THEN chester zoo next tuesday! It is all going on and all i can think is how tired im going to be.

We had a work night out last friday PAYDAY hurrah. It was awesome and then my boyfriend ruined my life by being too needy, i don’t know what i have done to the boy, it used to be the other way round and now i’m so independent but in a good sort of way i think. I’m drifting. Anyway he cut the night sort by blah blah blahing in my ear about how my work mates don’t like him. WELL THEY DEFINITELY DON’T NOW.  

Other than that my Newlook parcel has arrived. 
It is always a good day when that happens.


OOOOH and the girl that was kissing W is now with another friend in the group called P. Why is our group so incestuous. 

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  1. Hey there quirky! I’m back on and reading your posts again! Sounds like a busy week anyhow…and why would somebody threaten you…whatever do you do for a living my dear.
    Oh and you are way, way too young to look forward to stuff and then only think how tired you’ll be! That’s how I am but I am almost old enough to be your granny! Have a swell week my dear.

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