Entry #5

Dear Journal,

So today was pretty good. The week so far overall has been good cx We have to do another presentation for my class im taking, and kinda gotta commit it to memory. Lol fuq that. The presentation is on things we did as a child and i started remembering the little things i did like play store with my gramma and help her pick the plums from the tree she had in her back yard. And having a little cardboard house i use to sleep in when i slept in the living room. It was cute. Then i remembered my old puppy, Kiko. He died protecting my other puppy, Chikita from the neighbors dogs. I miss him still. Speaking of which, i remember we bought two more dogs for my gramma years ago, one named Bruno, which she still has, and another one named Chata(idk how to spell it) Chata was so energetic, like my puppy pebbles. Idk what happened to her, but sometimes i thing Pebbles is a reincarnation of her cx they look so much alike and act alike to. I use to also have a teacup chihuahua named tiny, but she ran away i think .-. But anyways cx yeahh. My love came over again today and we had a fun time. After he left i chilled and drew Siegbert from Fire emblem fates. I also listened to music for about four hours lol. But yeah. I played bully and persona 3. I started getting tired a bit early so i decided to write this a bit earlier too. But yeahhh. I was thinking about myself earlier cx. I wish i could be more confident in myself. Im not as shy as i use to be, but still shy at the same time ya know? Really insecure. But not as hateful as i use to be either. Welp. Merh das it c: night night cx



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  1. How many puppies did you have??^o^
    Aww your having a great time with your boyfriend(das me)cute^ω^

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