Quick update…I have not written in over a week…busy, busy, busy…and last week I was sick too.  I wrote on Tuesday of last week…I ended up going home early that day and not working the next…I just ached all over so bad.

But anyhow I had a FABULOUS weekend.  It was our annual trip to Brown County with me, my sis, my granddaughter and my sister’s granddaughter.  Her’s turned 12 last month, mine will be 12 in August.  This is our sixth time (we think could be seventh).  Anyhow we have been going since our girlies were little now they are almost teenagers!  Growing up too fast, way too fast.

So we shopped and we ate out and we shopped.  And in the evenings we hung out at the indoor water park at the Lodge where we stayed then stayed up playing cards and eating candy.  On Saturday we rode horses!  My sis had never been on one, ever. I had not in over 40 years…and I had vowed never again, ha, ha.  But it was on sissy’s bucket list…so if she could I could.  The four of us had matching shirts and bright red lipstick!  What a hoot!  What a great time.

Took my granddaughter to her other great-grandma’s Sunday evening to meet up with her parents.  (they live in Ohio, the rest of us are Hoosiers) Anyhow my kids ended up staying…I called my boyfriend, we all got pizza and I did not get home till after midnight!

So…of course my house is still totalled…as it has been for ions.  And I am tired, tired, tired.   One hour of OT yesterday, 3 today, none tomorrow as I must work for little brother after work and hopefully 3 on Friday.  

At least I’m not feeling sick this week.  A tad achy and a tad tired and no time to read, crochet, clean etc…but I’ll survive!  

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  1. Thanks so much! I am feeling better. Just wrote a whiny bitching entry about work but basically things are okay…hope all is well with you nat.

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