I am Way Older Than You Think

Back then when people were telling me I looked like a kid, I used to upset. I wanted to look like other girls. Because no way I could get a boyfriend with this kiddie face and petit body somemore. 

A friend told me, “It’s fine, later in few next years, you will see. When other girls are getting older, you will be seen as early 20s. That time would be your ‘blooming’ time.”

Now, turned to 27, feel so grateful when people thought I am 20. Some people think I am 18. The craziest thing was when I went to Melbourne, they thought I am 16! OK that’s too much, haha.
However, there is always ‘not-so-good’ thing about this. I gotta show my ID everytime entering clubs. Same thing happened when I entered casino. People will call me, “Dek” instead of “Kak”. They treat me as a kid, so mostly they give me a very nice smile. Like they won’t harm me in anyway.

My staff saw my early college time and he was literally surprised. He said, “That’s even look like a primary school student!” Surely he asks for a slap. 

Hopefully when 40 is getting closer, I’d still look like 30. *daydreaming* 😉

Well, everyone has their own timing. We can not hide from aging. As long as I do not look older than my partner. :p

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