June 15th

This last week was rough, I don’t really feel like talking about it.  I feel like remembering something that negative and dwelling on it for any longer than I have to is just too much for me.  Between arguments and poor health, I’ve just decided to pretend like the whole thing never happened, and instead, pick up from today forward.

Early this morning, I had to drive all the way out back home, some 1.5 hours away, so that both my mother and sister could keep their medical appointments.  My mother is both D and B deficient, and today she went to receive instruction on how to administer the shots for her condition, as to cut back on how many doctor visits she would have to make to treat it.  From there, we drove another hour to town for my sister’s appointment, and did some shopping while we were in the area for Father’s Day.  Even though we left early in the morning, it was still so hot and muggy, and the weather did not improve from that point on.  It began to downpour just as we dropped my mom and sister off, and driving home proved a bit hazardous.  As for the appointment itself, it was a consultation for surgery, and whether or not they were going to operate immediately was up for grabs.  We couldn’t stick around to find out, my fiance had work and we needed to leave immediately in time to make it back.  We left the two of them there, and the appointment went on until midday, where it was decided that my sister would instead have her surgery on the first.  THis is so that everyone necessary for the operation will be on hand and available to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.  The doctor is confident she can handle the procedure, but despite that confidence, it’s still a big risk and it will take flawless execution to pull it off.  She’ll likely have a large bit of surgical mesh put in her for her injury, I’m not entirely sure the logistics and details of it, despite being told numerous times by family that I’d be kept well informed.

We grabbed lunch on the way home (a couple delicious sandwiches and drinks large enough to get you through until tomorrow) and made the slow drive back through traffic.  I’m not sure if it was because of the heavy rain, or if it’s because it was the typical rush hour, but it was such a slow journey.  What should have been just more than an hour drive was closer to two.  It’s lucky my fiance works just a mile away from home, because the two of us were so done sitting in that damn car after all this running around.  Just as we were getting home, my sister was just getting out of her appointment.  We got lucky- the hospital was near a restaurant, and both of them were hungry.  So they stopped in for a bite to eat and waited for my father, who worked relatively close by, to pick them up after work.  Today was busy, but I’m glad I could help.

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