Pulse Night Club Massecre

On June 12, 2016 at around 2 AM a gunman named Omar Mateen went into Pulse night club in Orlando, FL, killed 49 and injured 50 others. Now that survivors are starting to speak about the night many are saying he called 911 and pledged his faith is ISIS and that he was tired of the USA bombing his country. One survivor stated that Omar was taking anyones cell phone that was ringing because he did not want to hear them. 

This horrific event has startled me beyond belief. I am not saying that other tragic events – Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine High School, Oklahoma City, September 11th 2001, San Bernadeno CA, Aurora CO, etc. are insignificant compared to this. This event took place at a gay night club. This makes it personal. 49 people in the LGBTQ community lost their lives that night for no reason. Simply because the gunman did not agree with America and/or the gay lifestyle.

This personally effects me. This could potentially open up that door for anyone that is anti-gay to go shoot up a gay club, bar or even wreck havoc at a pride event. I myself was at a huge gay nightclub both the Friday night before and the night of the events. To think I was out enjoying myself at a fabulous drag show carrying on with my boyfriend, danced some, and then heading back to the hotel to crash while follow LGBTQ people struggled for no reason pisses me off.

I am so scared to go Baltimore Pride next month. I am terrified. There is still about a month between now and that event. That gives someone plenty of time to come up with some sort of plan to make an attack. I will definitely make sure that I am completely aware of my surroundings at both the block party and the festival on Sunday. If I go into any buildings I will make sure I am close to an exit or at least a place to hide. 

I shouldn’t be scared to go an event that is meant to show pride in oneself. However, this year fear will run deep. Most of us are used to the few protesters that stand outside of pride wasting their time chanting rude things. I myself have witnessed this at a few pride events. Most people just walk past hand in hand with their BF and pay these people no mind. If this happens this year I will stay far away, who knows if theses people may pull out a gun.

This years pride will not only now be about showing pride in yourself, it will also be about showing pride in the community as a whole. Also, I think the emphasis will be that we do have allies who will stand with us 100% of the time. 

I wish the police would have been able to apprehend this guy and not shoot him to death. I want him to have to face what he did. I want to look him in the face and ask him if this is really what needed to happen, simply because he did not agree with America and/or gay people? I want to ask him if he hated America so much why was he here? Simply because ISIS told him to? If ISIS ask him to walk around with dog shit on his head would he have did that?

I just do not get it. I do not like ISIS but do you see me trying to kill every Muslim person I see? No, because I know that not every Muslim person is aligned with ISIS. There are good ones. Do you see me trying to kill every illegal alien in America simply because I feel like they should have came here the right way? No, because I am a good person who was taught right. 

The outpouring of support for Orlando has been amazing!! Hundreds lined up at local blood banks to donate blood. So many people in fact many were turned away and ask to make an appointment. Orlando blood banks lifted the ban on gays donating blood simply because they need is there right now. Walt Disney World is donating $1 million dollars to the city. Even Chick Fil A had employees working on a SUNDAY to make food and sweet tea for the 100’s of people who volunteered their time. See, even a company who has rich blood in religion was able to put their beliefs aside and help where needed.

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  1. This was amazing, this is very true and I agree with you 100%!!! love it.

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