Sony over the ear headphones

On the off chance that I had stand out word to depict these earphones it would be, “great”

These earphones astounded me with the perfectly clear solid quality. I utilized these at the beginning of today for my 5 mile run and the music was additional propelling today. Also the exercise center was super boisterous at the beginning of today, that is, until I put these awful young men in. This set is awesome at counterbalancing outside commotions.

Next I have an admission, I am an immense sweater when I work out hard which is another reason it is troublesome for me to discover earphones that don’t slip out while I run. These stayed in the whole time, at last!

In conclusion, after getting these I quickly charged the earphone by means of USB link that I connected to my PC. It just took a couple of hours to charge and they kept going my whole workout without any issues.

On the off chance that I needed to give valuable feedback about this item it would need to be about the guidelines. Despite the fact that a little white guideline booklet was incorporated into the crate, it would likewise be pleasant if the outside of the case was somewhat more simple to peruse and in addition included straightforward directions. That is all. Other than that I LOVE my new remote earphones!

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