The best earbuds under 50 pounds

The back of the box is mostly untranslated, nor is what I assume to be a warranty card. Instructions are useful, but contain some grammatical errors. The decision to have volume control be the result of along press, and a track skip the result of a tap is an interesting one, I.E. stupid. That’s completely backwards.

Bluetooth connectivity is bad, it’ll chirp and buzz as soon as i plug it in, or if i go past a single wall. On the other side of my fridge the signal just can’t be maintained. As the wire jiggles the left speaker will crackle, indicating a loose connection somewhere inside. I don’t think much of the replacement gels either, as the default medium sized pair were warped from their packaging and the large ones were very tedious to install. One good thing I like about the build quality is the buttons, while they are direct on the right earphone they don’t transfer any loud clicking noises once pressed. And I suppose the micro USB port cover is very flush and secure. Each individual earphone weighs about 8 grams, which is slightly on the heavy side according to my test group, but you don’t really notice when it’s in your ear despite it not being the best form factor around.

The audio quality of these is pretty bad, worst I’ve had so far. They hum every time they’re given any power, and a few seconds after the song is over they will pop and go back to into silence. The tone is too warm, and definition is lacking all over, it’s like hearing music through the wall or aside a some kid at the stoplight. These eCandys are another earphone that’s too warm in tone, but they make up for it with range and clarity in bass, allowing me to hear frequencies around 22Hz. Meanwhile these Joway earphones don’t have anything to offer below 28Hz, and what it does have isn’t what I want. Now take these iClevers for instance, they don’t give em a response until 30Hz, but their tone is beautiful, very well balanced for what they are. Sound quality from a compact device, given reasonable budget, is about making trades. Vomach takes a lot more than it gives. Visit http://BESTEARBUDSUNDER50.WEEBLY.COM

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