I fell in love with him. With the man I thought he was, the man I saw when he was around my family, around his best friend (my brother), and I fell in love with his fake personality. Being with him was going to be a fairytale story. We met when we were younger. Two kids who picked on each other more than they got along. 

Always on separate paths, faith finally brought us together. 

He wasn’t the man I saw. He has a hidden face. The type that is angry and abusive. A face that I have only seen a glimpse of, but I am in fear of seeing it full on. I am in constant battle with my self. Should I run or should I give his love a chance? 

 When I lay next to him, I sleep on the edge. His hand glides across my skin and I wither. In my sleep, I push him away hard. When he kisses me, I feel like I am doing something wrong. Nothing feels right anymore. 

I feel trapped. Ending our relationship ends his friendship with my family. Is it worth it? Am I over exaggerating?


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