16th June 2016 – Revelation Day!!!

The sun is shining and for the first time in a long time, so am I!! On Monday I hit my lowest point in a very long year, however, Monday I can now see was a long time coming, I needed to see the bottom of the glass so I can now make sure I can re-fill it.  I often refer to my life with metaphors and analogies, probably as it is almost self preservation in relaying the true problem.

So what happened on Monday?  I smoked a cigarette and was caught by my husband, which led to him saying he wanted to leave me…over-reaction on his part?  Maybe, but the true problem was that I had lied to him and only a few days previously had adamantly told him that I was not smoking.

Lies: The trouble is with small lies such as this one do not help relationships.  As my husband then said “What else are you lying about?”.  The worst thing is that he has a valid point…not that I have told any other lies but trust is everything in any relationship.

The truth: The only thing I had withheld from him was that I was diagnosed with depression back in March and was also receiving counselling-He now knows!

Today: I feel like I can breathe again, he is supporting me to continue with my studies and he now looks at me with sympathy, love and affection, whereas two weeks ago it was more contempt!  Fingers crossed I have passed my first year at university and progress with the love and support of my husband and family 🙂

One thought on “16th June 2016 – Revelation Day!!!”

  1. So glad your husband came around! SO glad. It’s lovely to hear a happy ending. I’m glad he’s being supportive. It means so much! I hope your depression will soon be a thing of the past. Depression is hard. I’ve been there. Stay strong, dear one. Wishing you more sunshine! – Grace

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