i dont know who i ‘ve become…

Honestly i dont know how im still alive… i live in shadows i dont think i can talk too anybody anymore i used too be so different but everything changed and i changed.. and i dont like the new me the person i have became i use too be so strong and fight for what i want. but know im to scared to say a word or even look someone in the eye. i feel like i have a condition everything is just awkard and lonely and i wont talk too anyone but thats me now so i need too find myself… but its been harder than anything i have ever experienced before.

2 thoughts on “i dont know who i ‘ve become…”

  1. It sounds like you are depressed, my friend. Clinically depressed. Please consider seeing a doctor and getting medication, —-there is no shame in that, and you could get your life back. God bless you.

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