Just Beginning –

These days i am trying to contemplate who I am? Am i really exisit in this world by name or is just an illusion? What should i do in this uncertain life? How should i tame my filthiest mind and make it into a beautiful and wiseful mind! How nature is inter-related to one another? How precious is our human form of life? why does somebody easily gave-up this precious life? How i should help others?  and lot many more….

This is just my beginning and hope, wish and pray that one day i will achieve understanding who i am actually and then help others to identify who they are…

2 thoughts on “Just Beginning –”

  1. In my experience, you will always search for who you are. As each decade in your life goes by, your life itself changes and so do you with it. Learn to roll with the good and the bad times, listen to yourself (but not too much), listen to others (but with consideration to how it relates to you). As my father said to me yesterday “Try not to learn by your mistakes but learn from the mistakes of others”…

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