Sorry I haven’t been on here journaling for a while but work has been crazy.  Had doctor appointment yesterday and even with the problems it was a go for the last regular chemo.  I have to wait at least 3 weeks before I can have the pet ct scan so all the chemo drugs will be out of my system and I won’t get a false reading.  Then the middle of July I am supposed to start the second phase of this treatment with 2 chemo drugs.  This is supposed to go on for a year but I still suppose all this will depend on the scan results.  The good news, no make that GREAT NEWS, today is the LAST SHOT and then 2 more weekly blood draws and then NO MORE SHOT OR EXTRA BLOOD DRAWS.  Felt good yesterday and so far today but I’m sure  that will all change soon but I’m ready for it.  Lord knows I’ve been through it all before just hoping this old body can make it through this one last one.  I know that I will still have bad days after this next new round of chemo but I think I can handle it.  NO I KNOW I WILL HANDLE IT.  Just let me get through it one day at a time and today’s get through is the SHOT.  Then it will be a waiting game for the scan and those results.  KEEP POSITIVE THOUGHTS GOING.

3 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Awesome news as to a go for last reg. chemo and last drug. I love your positive attitude. I was concerned about you since I had not seen you on her in a spell. Keeping you in my daily prayers my friend.

  2. I was concerned too, because we hadn’t heard from you. I am so glad with you for good news. I also love your upbeat attitude. Wow. I couldn’t do it. I will be praying for you!

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