First let me say thank you to all for the replies to my posts and to the person with the on-line name “ugly fat girl” please change that.  You are a beautiful person who has definitely shown me a lot of caring by simply taking the time to read my post and commenting.  Please get and keep a positive attitude in this one life that you get a chance at and don’t ever place any negativity in your way or allow anyone to do that to you.  May God Bless You My Friend. 

Now on to the Great News.  THE LAST SHOT AND YES FRIENDS I MADE IT.  Not without a few tears but let’s simply call them tears of pure happiness.  Also got hugs from my nurse but guys the most important thing is I DID IT.  Only two more blood draws over the next two weeks then the waiting game to hear from the hospital to schedule the pet ct scan then the next chemo series begins July 13.  Will I be nervous about the scan results.  You bet I will but have no fear whatever they are I will keep the fight going and I will WIN.  I forgot to mention my dear friend and cancer sister from work introduced me to a friend of hers from Ireland who brought me a special medal all the way from Ireland.  I added it to my necklace with the other medals I have received from my dear cancer friend.  The one is a pink cancer ribbon but the other one was given to her from someone who said it was  blessed by the Pope.  So far they are working their magical powers on me and if I receive the good news of a complete cure I think I will pass this luck back to her.   Keep the faith going my friends.  Sending my love to all of you.

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