Okay so this has nothing to do with my cancer.  Haven’t done this for a while.  It is one of my rants so let me go.  Whether you agree or not this is my opinion.

  1. The tragedy at the Ohio zoo and the recent Disney gator tragedy.  Both were extremely young children.  Please parents keep your children close to you.  If you are with more than one child and cannot hold all their  hands consider a leash.  I have used them on my children when I felt the need.  In fact it had a  big Mickey Mouse head attached to it.  They loved it.  Did I get looks from people.  I honestly don’t know because I really didn’t care.  My children were SAFE. 
  2. To the breastfeeding mother in Target who was verbally attacked by a male customer at the food court.  Yes you have every right to feed your baby as you see fit.  No I do not expect you to sit on a toilet in a bathroom to do this.  HOWEVER too many women use this as an excuse for public exhibitionism which is wrong.  If you are going out in public with a breastfeeding baby and chances are really good that you will need to do this there is a way to do it appropriately.  This is why they make special coverups, a blanket or towel offers the same protection.  USE THEM. 

One thought on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Good points on both counts. Simple common sense. My son and wife used a little leash with my granddaughter when she was a toddler. It had grover on it. Ironic they found a picture of her at the Cincinnati zoo wearing it.
    Take care my friend, take care and rant whenever you please.

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