How can things go from swimmingly to crap so fast?  I have  been working on statements that have been flying by. 

Our supervisor is not here and the girl who fills in for her got locked out of supervisor’s ‘puter ’cause she didn’t know password.  Anyhow, she tells me just to grab a CD (audio to transcribe, usually we get our work thru the computer) so I do so, I’ve got one that looks like it will probably be a long homicide statement…okay cool beans.

Then she decides this other CD is more important…I end up with 17 freaking jail calls almost 3 hours worth…in other words a good three days of work on JAIL CALLS which are always stupid and almost always inaudible and almost always useless.  Dang I’m pissed.  Glad I’m not doing overtime tonight.  Hopefully I can get reg. supervisor to give me a statement tomorrow for overtime because I need the money but there is no way in hell I can stomach 11 straight hours of transcribing jail calls!  UGH

3 thoughts on “Oh NOOOO…”

  1. Bless your heart! That does sound so discouraging! What a miserable task! Hope it will be time for you to go home, soon and take your shoes off, have a coffee and put it all behind you. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for your comment 🙂 it’s just hard when both your parents are doing things to harm there bodies you know? Sounds like you have been through a lot and I will try my best! Thank you x

  3. Thank you Grace…feeling better today plus I got assigned some better stuff to do today for when I work my overtime.

    Ah yes quirky…I can imagine how scary that must be for you! I was blessed with my parents for a very long time…I’ve only been thru a lot ’cause I’m old. 😉 I’ll keep you and my family in my prayers my friend.

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