Purely Hypothetical

I often wonder which Hogwarts house I would belong in. I have taken different sorting quizzes online, but not the official one from Pottermore (because I’m not really sure if you have to sign up to take the sorting). I’ve mostly gotten Ravenclaw from those miscellaneous quizzes, but I’ve also gotten Hufflepuff, and in that one Buzzfeed quiz I took that told me which mix of houses I would get, I got a Ravenpuff.

When I was little I always wanted to be a Gryffindor because…I mean…Harry and Hermione and most of the other badass characters…but. Later I realized I could never be one, because I’m pretty much scared of everything, and I highly doubt I would be able to be half as brave as Ginny (book) or Hermione when they were just like, sixteen years old. I also used to hate Slytherin house, but now I kind of love it and think it would be pretty cool to be one, because the house colors are pretty. I don’t think I’m cunning, or manipulative, or really ambitious though, so I probably wouldn’t be a good fit in Slytherin. I think it makes sense that I would be sorted into Ravenclaw most of the time, because I do love to learn and read; but I’m not really the best at anything, and I’m terrible at riddles (which would make getting into the common room kind of hard) so it would also make sense to become a part of Hufflepuff house, where people aren’t necessarily the smartest or strongest, but are loyal and friendly and try hard to be the best they can be.

I mean, I still think I would be slightly disappointed if Pottermore were to sort me into Hufflepuff, because I really hope I could actually be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor, but I know it’s a good house and I shouldn’t be. Maybe I’m just still unconsciously harboring the idea that Hufflepuffs aren’t “good enough”, or are just people that couldn’t fit in with really smart or really brave students, when in reality, Hufflepuffs are supposed to be kind, loyal, caring, and brave and smart in their own way. I just like the idea of being a Gryffindor like Lily or Hermione or Ginny (smart, beautiful, badass, powerful, kind, awesome in general).

I would also like to know what my wand would be made of (would it be filled with unicorn hair or dragon heartstring or something else?) and what animal my Patronus would take the form of. I’ve taken all sorts of quizzes for these things, and I’ve gotten way different answers every time, so I guess I’ll never know.

All of this, of course, is purely hypothetical–just speculation. Hogwarts doesn’t exist and even if it does somewhere, I’m not a witch and I never will be. Sigh.

Even though all of this is hypothetical, I have also seriously thought about what animal my daemon would settle as. (If you don’t know, a daemon is an animal-shaped part of someone’s soul, invented by Phillip Pullman for his His Dark Materials trilogy). I hope it would be something cool and furry, like a fox, any big cat, or a wolf–just as long as it isn’t something kind of lame, like a lizard, or a mouse, or a hen. It wouldn’t be very nice to have a bird daemon either, because I would like to have a furry daemon to snuggle up to at night. IF I had a daemon, that is…According to a character in one of the books, everyone has a daemon, it’s just that most people cannot see them–but they are there, and they live inside of us, and they do take shape.

UGH what am I doing. I’m putting so much thought into all of these things that aren’t even real. It’s just so much nicer to think about being a witch, or having a daemon, or meeting the Doctor, than thinking about real things in real life. Real life is too boring because there isn’t magic or time travel or anything like it–although I suppose some parts of technology make up for the lack in magic.


Anyway. I have been trying my hand at writing poetry (free verse, I don’t like reading rhyming verses with regular meters) but I can’t say it’s going well because…I mean…I can’t properly judge my own writing, can I? Let’s just say it’s terrible and random and most of the poems are unfinished. I have a tough time writing stories–just getting dialogue and descriptive stuff out–so I’m writing free verse to see what comes of it, to see if it helps with writing things more beautifully. I write things too plainly; the prose that comes out doesn’t sound half so lovely as some of the stories I read.


And I’m still sad about the deaths in the shooting in Orlando. I cried after I read the news and I went to play the piano (really loudly) after writing that entry–I just wanted to do something else to take my mind off things because I was shaking so much. I couldn’t…I couldn’t really do anything else properly. It was too much to take in, too much to think about. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself for feeling so much, for crying for so many people and feeling so much pain when other people are in pain, but maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not completely heartless.


Have a good day and stay safe.

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  1. I would love to read some of your poetry. No, you are not heartless and that is a very good thing! You can thank God for your tender heart, even though it hurts you sometimes. The alternative would be abysmal. Wouldn’t it?

  2. I think about the Hogwarts question a lot! And when I find out a new friend of mine likes Harry Potter too, this is the first thing I ask. I feel like it gives me a good picture of how they see themselves and which qualities they value. My husband and me have house scarves and wear them quite often (I live in a country where it is cold enough half of the year). His is yellow and black, but only to annoy me, because I told him to get a red one. Mine is green and grey, not because I feel cool rooting for the bad guys, but because I think ambition and leadership can be decent things to strive for.

  3. I love taking personality quizzes, especially when it comes to Harry Potter. You do have to sign up, but I’ve tried the Pottermore quiz so many different times and I ended up having Ravenclaw every time, which is exactly the house I want to be in. Of course, I value knowledge, but I’m not exactly the most knowledgeable. But I like to think if it was real, I’d be studying spells, potions and creatures like a maniac. For my wand, I got the same thing every time I redid the quiz as well. It’s ebony wood, phoenix feather core, 10 ¾” in length and surprisingly swishy flexibility. “This jet-black wand wood has an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. Frequently non-conformist, highly individual or comfortable with the status of outsider, ebony wand owners have been found both among the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix and among the Death Eaters. In my experience the ebony wand’s perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter what the external pressure, and will not be swayed lightly from their purpose.” I find the quizzes very accurate, since a black wand was exactly what I wanted, if not a white wand. I also wanted it to be long and swishy. It matches my personality so well, except for the non-comformist part. And I often said if Hogwarts was real, my favourite class would be Defense Against Dark Arts, so makes sense I’d be in the Order.

    You should take it and tell us your results! I’d like to know.

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