Entry #7

Merh, Enough with that “Dear journal” Stuff lol

So today was an okay day. Wasn’t good, wasnt bad. but merh. I kinda hate how you cant save your journal entry as a draft on here sometimes. I was almost done with it on my phone, then i switched to another app to reply to a text, then i had to start over. like nah. So i decided to take out my computer and type it out since its faster.  So basically, today, i made a little fool of myself in class… three times… but did my best to brush it off. I didn’t get to see my significant other.. And i was suppose to get my job thingy to start working but the lady i need to get it from wasnt there again. Im not surprised though, the staff is never on duty when you actually need them lol. I came home and did nothing. I had my bad thoughts about myself again though… Calling myself a fat whale lol. I know im fat and ugly so its not that big a deal anymore. I was a bit agitated, i wasnt sure why.i was chillin, making my food and my dad came home early when i wasnt expecting him for nearly another hour. He yelled at me because I didn’t clean the kitchen when  i obviously wasnt done using it. I yelled back and he just went to his room. I cleaned up though, for myself, then went to play the ps3 with my friend. My playstation kept disconnecting so that got me a bit more mad haha. We eventually stopped cuz his best friend went over and i wanted him to spend time with him. After that I started watching my show then started playing minecraft with my bestie♥ My significant other called and i wasnt in the best mood, so i wasnt the nicest… I felt kinda bad… i hate me lol. Welp. Thats all for now i guess. its going to be one a.m. but this still counts for yesterday cx so das it for now.

Bye Bye☺


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