Me time.

I’ve spent sooo much time living off other people’s energy and focusing on their needs that i forgot to focus on the one who matters most … ME! I’m always worried about someone but in the end whos worried about me? Is there anyone asking me if I’m okay or if i need something?  No. and I hate that. I’ve already deleted and blocked the people i dont need in my life. I’m focusing on me now… i really hope i dont get lonely 😔

One thought on “Me time.”

  1. Well as long as you continue to focus on your loved ones and their needs…friends and family I am sure you won’t be lonely. While I believe in doing our duty (particularly to our parents and kids) and caring for them in times of need…I don’t think being a doormat is good either. After all how can you take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. And as to friends who never reciprocate…screw that, find new friends. Hugs to you.

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