“It’s hard to love
There’s so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above
say it’s much, much too late
Well, maybe we should all be praying for time…”

(“Praying for Time” by. George Michael)

This gloomy ballad is…well, gloomy. I first listened to this back in the early 90’s when I was still a kid in a school uniform. I fell in love with the soft tunes and his gentle, rather haunting voice too. This song is beautiful, yet also sad and scary at the same time.

When I first read the lyrics, I was hooked. I also got myself spooked. I mean, if you think that hate has always been scary, then despair and apathy are much worse.

What’s going on in the world lately? What has happened to us? It seems that it’s getting even harder for a lot of us to just get along. Some choose to force other people to do things their way while others just…shoot them all.

There never is a dialogue with people who are too sure of themselves, believing that they’re always right and others are always wrong. No apology, no compassion. Just cruel words and condemnation…and more violence…

Will we always be like this? Are we heading towards more destruction anytime soon?

Still, hopefully not.




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