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Till the weekend!  I am a happy camper. Golly gee just another busy week.  Counting going up to bro’s office last night I worked late 4 nights out of 5…today and Wed I worked 11 hour days.  So I’m ready for the weekend.

Most Sats I work for my bro half day as well…which is why I worked for him last night. I have two days off in a row and I’m not going out of town!  Woo/hoo…this is a VERY rare occasion. I work about 3 out of 4 or maybe even 4 out 5 Sats and now I’ve had two off in a row, I am going to get spoiled!

My BF and I are going out to breakfast with my bro in the morning. Then BF and I are going to my cousin’s art fair…I guess that is what you would call it.  She has beautiful landscaped flower gardens and she is a photographer and does other art related “stuff”  
So for the past five years or so she has a “summer solstice” celebration with a few craft booths, some snackies and her gardens open to the public.  A nice affair.  She actually lives on a small lot (8 acres) of land that is the remainder of a large farm back in the day. The rest of the farm is interstate to the west and a subdivision to the east but she lives in the original old white farmhouse.  All very quaint.  And very dear to me…because the farmhouse belonged to her great grandparents.  In fact the original farm belonged to her great great grandfather.  And since her grandma and my grandma were sisters…well that is my old homestead as well.  Awesome to think of grandma and her sisters when that was a farm and they drove a horse and buggy up to church every Sunday.  The church still stands and my sister’s granddaughter is 8th generation there.

Ah how I LOVE family history and our rootedness.

Anyhow after that…my sat is free!  Sunday we are going into the city to a cigar bar to celebrate father’s day with the BF’s daughter.  So a weekend to look forward to.  Oh and it’s payday…not that there is much left after bills but hey I can buy food and gas and I’m not totally broke!  Life is good!

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