The Walled City

I recently finished a really great book. It’s called The Walled City. Sadly, I can’t recall who it is by. It was on Deedee’s summer reading list for honors English. Her teacher promised to assign books that would be interesting and captivating (since its school work for summer break). So far, this teacher knows where it’s at! I’m very impressed.

The book takes place in The Walled City in China (based loosely on a real city walled within Hong Kong). 3 teenagers are on their own and face very serious situations. One is a homeless girl, Jin, who masquerades as a boy. She’s on a quest to find and save her sister who was sold by her alcoholic, abusive father. Dai is a boy on a top secret mission to save himself from his harsh reality while at the same time being forced to confront his past self. Mei Yee is a beautiful girl owned by The Brotherhood and is forced into prostitution at a brothel.

I fell in love with these characters. The author touched upon so many themes, unconditional love, deep poverty, survival, and redemption. The writing style was very refreshing. I loved the simple poetic detail of even the most mundane things. Too often I find writers try too hard and the words tangle, snare, and lose me. This was not the case with The Walled City.

In other news, I either have allergies or I’m getting a cold. I don’t like it. Who would? I’ve snored the past few nights and wake up with a raw, scratchy throat. I’m hoping this will be short lived. My energy is zapped.

We are supposed to go on a family hike on Sunday if the weather cooperates. I’m not sure of the destination yet although I prefer trails near a water source. I can not emphasize enough just how much we love hiking in my household. Even the car ride to the trail becomes part of the adventure.

On days that I don’t have to work Deedee and I have been going for walks around our extended neighborhood. I’m clinging to the wagon as far as diet and exercise go. I have inches to lose from my waist line and I’ve been agonizingly over it. Knowing what must be done and doing what must be done are two very distinctly different actions.


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