Technology is quite the game changer. I truly think it is leveling the playing field – though not always comfortable or easy to be so informed, it is ultimately a good thing. 

My friend texted me on Friday afternoon, “I’m in a meeting and I’m falling asleep. Tell me something interesting!” 

My mind went to the company I’ve been keeping … IRL and virtually … addicts. I love them. It makes me think hard. I say it in my support group all the time, “I’m addicted to addicts”. I’ve learned about boundaries and the human experience and sometimes it feels I know it all to well. Is this lesson over with yet? Obviously not. 

At any rate, my friend and I texted more and mulled over addiction. I shared that my view of addiction has morphed. Rather than looking at it as a disease, I look at it as a fact of life. Musing with words helped me get here…not a disease, but a dis-ease. We all have it. We all have an Achilles Heel. Do we know what it is? And if we do, are we actively managing the vulnerability? 

Is your life meant to be easy? Or are you being put through your paces for your personal and spiritual well being? The life of an addict … everyone’s life. What do we obsess over? What must we have no matter the means? What turns us from the light and into monsters we don’t like or recognize? How do we get back to divinity? Through cleanliness? To be divinely clean. To earn the serenity. To summon the courage to choose differently. 

I love my addicts. I love the dis-ease. It means things are churning. I have faith in my addicts because I have faith in myself. I can keep better company. I can choose better. They can, too. I hope I see them on the other side. Through, not around. 

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