Day 114 – Procastinating

Sunday, June 19th 2016

No, bad Bystander! Pull yourself away from the computer and study for your science exam!

Ah, the art of procrastination and how it will one day be in the end of me. I can be very concentrated when I want to, but if I’m not in “the mood” for something, then I’ll just watch YouTube, scroll through Twitter, write or daydream.

I might as well get this entry out of the way so I don’t get myself distracted by anything else  other than Wildstar. It’s the only video game I haven’t completed that I can play at the moment (I can’t wait to get Mirror’s Edge 2 and No Man’s Sky). It’s an mmorpg and I really enjoy this class called “Stalker”. It’s a melee class, which is rare for me, because I’m usually offensive range and on rare occasions, healer. The first class I did pick that I’m playing with my brother is a range (called “Spellslinger”) and without knowing, healer. I like the class, but I prefer the Stalker, even if the class is a tank (I’m usually bad at tanks, and by that I mean every time I tried being a tank, I failed horribly). Maybe this one will be different? I don’t know. I only really like doing the quests in mmorpg and not the raids/dungeons you do with people online, so I don’t really have to know. On occasion they’re fun, but for leveling up, quests have more variety to it than dungeons and raids.

I should talk about my day. Well, I went to church this morning and said goodbye to my Youth leader… heh, forgot to say bye to her son. Well, I’ll probably send her an email saying bye for me and that we’ll miss them. Would he care though? Sometimes he puts on this facade of “I don’t care”, but after getting close to him for a short period of time, you can see that’s not entirely true—to a certain extent. I just don’t know what I’d put in the email. Hmm… “Hey, hope you get to your destination safely and have a good trip! We’ll miss you and hope your times in Manitoba will be great. Oh, and say goodbye to __ for me, I didn’t get the chance at church.” Yeah, that works. Just need to elaborate that a bit.
   Anyway, I’ll miss her a lot. She has been my guide at the church for so long. She’s like family to me. I nearly cried when saying goodbye to my leader, but I pulled myself to not make a scene.

My parents went to a picnic later on with the church and I decided to stay home to study, because my friend wasn’t going to be there and I didn’t want to be the awkward one standing around. I studied for maybe an hour after watching an hour of YouTube, then played Wildstar with my brother. Apparently my computer might need to be brought into the shop, because my graphic’s card kept crashing or something—I like to think I know how computers work, but I’m far from it.

I’m gonna study some more biology. I don’t think I can ask my dad to drive me tomorrow morning. I like to have a little of a warm-up before exams and not having to remember everything as I’m doing it, but I can’t always have that, so I need to make the most of the time I have now.

I’m surprised how much I wrote in this entry. Usually, I write short entries when it comes to the weekend, because not a lot happens; I don’t go outside much. At least I’ll start working during the summer, which will be my first job (I wasn’t told I got the job, but I feel pretty confident. When an employer says “hey, I’ll call you a week before the day you start working, but if I don’t, call me for a follow-up and just tell me your name, I’ll remember who you are,” you know you got a pretty good chance—or I think it means that. It’s not often that an employer just remembers an applicant’s name like that, right? I’m new to this, so I can’t really make too much conclusions, haha).

That’s all for today.

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