Day 7 – Too Late

Dear Ms. Cöt,

It was nice to finally see you today. Unfortunately you weren’t feeling well, and you have a headache, making it hard for you to concentrate during our discussion. You were having fun telling me your stories, and I like hearing it, but the moment you were done you just felt the pain more. And I knew that it’ll be hard for you to listen since you’re having some headache. I encouraged you to cook some soup for you to eat and to warm you, hoping it can help ease the feeling, then I told you that I’ll travel to my apartment and video call with you again.

Unfortunately, today’s commute was not as fast as my previous commute, the bus likes stopping and waiting and I ended up arriving at my apartment pass 12am, with the headache you were feeling, I can only hope that you’re still awake, you know, waiting for me. So it’s not surprising that you’re now already sleeping and I didn’t get to tell you how my week went. I was really looking forward to telling you how much I’ve missed you, how much I wish we are together, how often I think of you, and most of all, how much I love you. But, I was too late.

Now, I’m actually crying while I’m writing this because I’ve waited for this day and it’s frustrating how it ended just like that. ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂৹)°·๐

I believe that you did try your best to stay awake and didn’t notice that you feel asleep. I’m just having mixed emotions about it right now because I really really really wanna talk to you and tell you how much I’ve missed you, but I’m too late. And I have to wait for another week to pass before I can video call with you again…

My heart is in pain right now, I really don’t like this, this long distance thing. It’s painful. Oh my heart…

There’s really nothing I can do right now but leave a good night message. I think I’ll give myself a good cry tonight before sleeping, just to let all these sad feeling out. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll both feel better.


Red Panda

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