Ranting about an asshole.

I don’t rant much. But when I do- it’s not over something that I’m taking lightly. There’s this guy (that I’ve ranted about twice before) and I’m going to rant about him again. It’s recently come to my attention that Manny is being an absolute dick to my boyfriend. Which is not okay. Because, more importantly, Jack is my best friend. Manny is constantly saying mean things to him. Constantly making fun of him. Constantly putting him down. And this is not fucking okay. Part of it is because Manny likes me….But I would never, EVER, have feelings for a bitch who would do that to their “quote un-quote FRIEND.” No. I’ve had it up to here with Manny and his entire family and all of their bullshit. It’s creating unwanted drama in my life, it’s creating all sorts of things that don’t need to happen and I’m done with it. I know it sounds mean and selfish to say that I wish they would leave our church, but I WISH THEY WOULD. Because they’ve caused nothing but trouble since they started coming to church. I know they need Jesus too—-but they act like they already know everything anyways, so what’s the point? His mother is a know-it-all and feels the need to parent every other fucking child in the church. Which is funny seeing how her children are all awful. Secondly, she acts like she hates me and I’ve never done anything to her. She’s probably doing it because she wants to set me up with her son- but I’ve got news for you, Tammy. It’s not going to happen. Because your son isn’t half the man Jack is. He’s one of the sweetest, most caring, kind, amazing people I know. And all your son wants to do is make fun of people’s opinions and disagree with them. That’s literally all he ever does. His music taste is awful- which is a HUGE turn off for me, he’s dramatic as hell (and NOT in a good way), and he’s the most offensive person I’ve ever met. And I swear on my life, if he says another negative thing to or directed towards my boyfriend, I can and will ruin his life. It’s gotten so bad that Jack’s MOTHER has heard about this and feels the same way that I do. We talked about it this afternoon and it’s not okay. I don’t understand why Manny feels the need to direct all of this towards Jack. He’s giving him crap about things he doesn’t even have anything to do with. And that’s what makes me mad. He pins all of this on him because he knows that it will hurt me. He knows that he can’t physically or directly hurt me. I’m stronger than he is and his insults won’t get to me– but if he goes after my love- that’s where it ends. I refuse to let this go on and if it happens again, so help me God, I will slap him across the face and personally murder him. Jack has been through enough (not making excuses for him–) and he doesn’t need to put up with this. His mom actually told me earlier that she doesn’t want Manny texting him either, block his phone number, dammit. I’m all for that. Even if it wasn’t my boyfriend, if it was one of my friends, no one needs to go through the hell that Manny can put a person through. No one. And I’m completely and utterly done with their entire family. 

All Manny ever does is complain. We’re in a Praise band together. I’m one of the leads, so I get to help pick the songs and stuff. All I ever hear from Manny is how much he doesn’t like the songs. They’re not “his type of music.” So yeah, done with that. 

And another thing that just hit me. Manny isn’t allowed to text me anymore because I’m a “bad influence.” Because we got into an argument that he turned against me and his mom read the texts, told my mom, and I haven’t texted him since. So he’s not allowed to text me. But he’s allowed to text Jack- even though all he does is talk shit to him and push him down. How is that right? How is that “Good Christian parenting”, Tammy?? I get into an argument with your son and he’s not allowed to text me. But you continue to let him text my boyfriend who he bullies and is a complete and utter asshole to?? What the hell is wrong with you-? Fucked up priorities, fam. 

I’m sorry for ranting about this again- I feel like I’ve already done too many of these to count. But I’m sick and tired of this. I just want the negativity out of my life so I can move on and get shit done. 

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