Religion of Love

I have more in common with Athiest than I do with Christians.  Atheist have nothing to prove and Christians can only believe if everyone believes they are right.  In my belief system, I am the one that makes this an issue because it brings up emotions that I don’t want to be responsible for but I will not seek others opinions because there is nothing wrong but my own insecurities.  I’m ok with that.   

Love makes this easier because love can make this work out for the best if I allow it.  I don’t want to be told that my spirituality makes me wrong but I can grow up and accept that if I love everyone the same all will be fine.  I’ll have lunch with an Athiest because I don’t feel obligated to listen to his pitch or feel funny about his asking if I have accepted Christ as my saviour.  Love is my saviour.  Love is an Atheist saviour.  Love is the only common language.  

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