starting a new journal june 2016

I wrote a journal last week and towards the end somehow I deleted it all. Today is Sunday my least favorite day. I try not to do very much on Sundays except prepare my self for the upcoming week.  

One week has passed already, since his kids and wife have been away. We have five more weeks to live as a real couple.  This year we are together 3 years. I love him more every day!

I am glad this past week is over my car cost 900 dollars to get fixed and my best friend’s father died. I am very thankful to have had help paying for my car… I hate going to funerals, not that anyone enjoys going. Death has always been something that I fear. I am afraid of a lot of things! Struggling with my faith is on-going…

 I didn’t write much today, At least I didn’t delete it! I started an online journal for many reasons … I enjoy writing, to put my thoughts in writing to help with racing thoughts, and hopefully to make some new journal writing friends etc….

till next time ….


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  1. I know that same fear with death. The fact that it can happen to anyone, anytime is frightening. I’m still growing in my faith as well. Hopefully, we won’t have these thoughts anymore.

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