That Moment…

That moment where people took tons of pictures during media conference and later you found out your hair, and everything was not READY to be taken for public!
I did not know there would be photo taking for the team. If I knew I would have gone to salon and do my hair.

My cheeks are like balloons. Wondering why can’t I gain weight on the other part, beside my cheeks?
Can I move it to boobs? Hahahaha.

Well, let’s count it as blessing. While other women are dying to stay slim, doing that kind of self-torturing by not eating this and that. I have been there before.
Suddenly I can eat whatever, anytime, without getting fatter. It is SO MUCH FUN when you are able to eat a lot (yes, A LOT) with your lover and still weighing at 41 kg. That moment where your man can lift and swing you like a little girl feels good because my Dad used to lift me when I was a kid. 😉

What people say is definitely true. Woman tend to find a guy who has similarity with her Dad.

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